Finished Thesis Document

Thursday 18 January 2001 by Bradley M. Kuhn

Tonight, I finished the actual document of my Master's thesis. I had to vet it by reading it out loud, about three times. I have a real hard time finding subtle grammar errors. I believe that when I read, I parse them out in my head. Reading out loud usually helps, but it wasn't working so well this time. (The first draft had many errors, even though I read it out loud.)

This time, I went through it twice, reading it out loud while bouncing the mouse along each word. This seemed to help a lot, as I was catching errors left and right. I hope I got them all.

I sent the final document off to the committee. I haven't heard from Larry Wall, whose an external member of my committee, at all. I haven't heard from since we set up the plane tickets months ago. I am sure he's insanely busy, and that's likely why. No big deal, I suppose, I am just overly nervous.

I really need to get to the actually hacking on perljvm. I have lost three weeks working on the thesis document, which is really only describing things, not hacking. While I'll be glad, I'm sure, to have the Master's thesis done, but perljvm needs some hacking done on it, especially considering that I have a Cosource deadline to meet soon.

Posted on Thursday 18 January 2001 at 00:00 by Bradley M. Kuhn.

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