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Friday 11 November 2011 by Bradley M. Kuhn

Those of you that follow my blog have probably wondered we're I've been. Quite frankly, there is just so much work going on at Conservancy that I have almost had no time to do anything but Conservancy work, eat and sleep. My output on this blog and on surely shows that.

The one thing that I've kept up with is the oggcast, Free as in Freedom that I co-host with Karen Sandler, and which is produced by Dan Lynch.

Since I last made a blog post here, Karen, Dan and I released four oggcasts. I'll discuss them here in reverse chronological order:

In Episode 0x1C, which was released today, we published Karen's interview with Adam Dingle of Yorba. IMO (which is undoubtedly biased), this episode is an important one since it relates to the issues of non-profit organizations in our community who waiting in the 501(c)(3) application queue. This is a detailed and specific follow-up to the issues that Karen and I discussed on FaiF's Episode 0x13.

In Episode 0x1B, Karen and I discuss in some detail about the work that we've been up to. Both Karen and I are full-time Executive Directors, and the amount of work that job takes always seems insurmountable. Although, after we recorded the episode, I somewhat embarrassingly remembered the Bush/Kerry debate where George W. Bush kept saying his job as president is hard work. It's certainly annoying when a chief executive goes on and on about how hard his job is, so I apologize if I did a little too much of that in Episode 0x1B.

In Episode 0x1A, Karen and I discussed in detail Steve Jobs' death and the various news coverage about it. The subject is a bit old news now that I write this, but I'm glad we did that episode, since it gave me an opportunity to say everything I wanted to stay about Steve Jobs' life and death.

In Episode 0x19, we played Karen's interview with Jos Poortvliet, discussed the upgrade, and Karen discussed GNOME 3.2.

My plan is to at least keep the FaiF oggcast going, and I'm even bugging Fontana that he and I should start an oggcast too. Beyond that, I can't necessarily commit to any other activities outside of that (and my job at Conservancy and volunteer duties at FSF). BTW, I recently attended a few conferences (both LinxCon Europe and the Summer of Code Mentor Summit). At both of them, multiple folks asked me why I haven't been blogging more. I appreciate people's interest in what I'm writing, but at the moment, my day-job at Conservancy and volunteer work at FSF has had to take absolute priority.

Based on the ebb and flow (yes, that's the first time I've actually used that phrase on my blog :) of the Free Software community that I've gotten used to over the last decade and a half, I usually find that things slow down in mid-December until mid-January. Since Conservancy's work is based on the needs of its Free Software projects, I'll likely be able to return a “normal” 50 hour work week (instead of the 60-70 I've been doing lately) in December. Thus, I'll probably try to write some queued blog posts then to slowly push out over the few months that follow.

Finally, I want to mention that Conservancy has an donation appeal up on its website. I hope you'll give generously to support Conservancy's work. On that, I'll just briefly mention my “hard work” again, to assure you that donors to Conservancy definitely get their money's worth when I'm on the job. Since I'm on the topic of that, I also thank everyone who has donated to FSF and Conservancy over the years. I've been fortunate to have worked full-time at both organizations, and I appreciate the community that has supported all that work over the years.

Posted on Friday 11 November 2011 at 09:00 by Bradley M. Kuhn.

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