Non-Profit Centers of FLOSS Development

Bradley M. Kuhn

Friday 9 March 2011

Who Am I?

A Brief Non-Profit Free Software History

Some FSF History

FSF-Employed Developers

The Rise of the Volunteers

For-Profit vs. Non-Profit

For-Profit-Employee “Volunteers”

It’s the duty of all Free Software developers to steal as much time as they can from their employers for software freedom.

— Jeremy Allison, Director, Conservancy & Member, Samba Team

What Can NPOs Do?

Organization Proliferation

Aggregating Under Umbrella

Funding Through Conservancy

Conservancy Success: Twisted

Conservancy Success: Mercurial

I’m funding myself doing Linux kernel-space development contracts, but it slows down Mercurial because of the brain context switch to Python userspace.

— Matt Mackall, Mercurial Maintainer (in April 2010)

Conservancy Success: PyPy

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