This site is ebb.org, which belongs to Bradley M. Kuhn.

This page used to be a goofy front page that had some trivia about the word “ebb” and links to various pages that Bradley used to maintain. That page lived on the server named atheist, which died on 12 February 2008. However, I was too lazy to pull the old index.html off backup and instead wrote this page. Please note that while there is no after-life for atheist, don't feel bad for that server. It lived a good life — it was born somewhere around Februrary 1997. Most people discard servers that old; but not we Free Software types. We love our servers until they die.

Anyway, the only thing of note still hosted on www.ebb.org is Bradley M. Kuhn's homepage, which looks like crap on purpose. As does this page.

ebb is a registered service mark of Bradley M. Kuhn, for his Open Source and Free Software consulting business. If you have need for such consulting, you can contact him.

— Bradley M. Kuhn, 2008-02-14 (update 2009-10-01, 2012-06-24)