Picking Up Perl, Edition 0.12, A Freely Redistributable Perl Tutorial Book

This site was created as an early distribution center for Picking Up Perl. Picking Up Perl is a freely redistributable tutorial book on Perl.

Currently, Bradley M. Kuhn is the primary author of the work. However, some others have contributed small patches, and lots of others have provided useful constructive criticism.

Currently, edition 0.12 of the book is available. Note that this book is still under development. Errors are likely, so read carefully.

Due to his current demanding job, bkuhn hasn't had time to work on the book in over a year. He hopes to get started again eventually, and has started a (currently empty) savannah project for PUP.


Announcements of updates and changes to this book will be made here. Once work begins again on the book, the announcement list will be recreated.


Feedback to this work is welcome and encouraged. You can give feedback via email. Please send it to pup-comments@ebb.org. If you have specific changes that fix code example bugs, typos or other small problems of that ilk, it would be appreciated if you would submit a patch to the Texinfo source rather than just an email. However, if you are confused by the patch instructions, an email is fine.

To give feedback without a patch, please do the following:

Getting the Current Version

This is the canonical location for obtaining the most recent version of Picking Up Perl.

Browse HTML

You can browse the monolitic HTML version of Picking Up Perl or an HTML version with a separate page for each chapter.

Download Postscript

You can download the Postscript version of Picking Up Perl.

Download PDF

You can download the PDF version of Picking Up Perl.

Download Texinfo Source

The current released version of the book is Edition 0.12 You can download the Texinfo source here:

Submitting patches

If you wish to submit changes or updates to the book, please submit them in unified diff format against the current CVS sources or the .tar.(gz|bz2) files found here.

Please make patches using unified diff (diff -ruN) against the top-level directory (something like diff -ruN PickingUpPerl.orig PickingUpPerl). Send all patches to pup-comments@perl.org.

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