The Geek Code Decoder Page

This page allows you to enter a geek code and decodes it for you. It works with Geek Code Version 3.12.

Simply enter the geek code you wish to decode:

If the decoder "stops" at a certain token, this means that token immediately following the last one it found was invalid. Double check the Geek Code Version 3.12 to be sure your code is compliant with it.

If you would rather get a URL of your geek code that you can use to directly decode it (this is a big, long URL you can put as a link that will decode it), you need to submit the form using the "GET" method. The form below will do this for you. You need only paste the URL that appears in your browser into your HTML document and anchor for an instant decoding link. If you don't understand what this means, use the box above. If you are declaring W+ status or more, you better know what this means!

Thanks to Pete Williams, who wrote the back-end script that this page uses.

The claim to fame of this decoder appears to be that Larry Wall has used this decoder, and has his decoded geek code on his WWW page.

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